Streamline your 3D workflow between Blender and Unreal Engine

End-to-End Solution

Designed for Blender artists making games in UE4 and always kept up to date with the latest features of both packages

Designed for Iteration

Review your art in-game earlier to quickly make new revisions. Great for greyboxing or last-minute polishing

Fits Your Workflow

Designed to complement the tools you’re already using so you can keep working the way you want

High Fidelity

Your assets always stay intact as you move from Blender to UE4

Brigge for Meshes pixel art logo

Brigge for Meshes

Scale, orientation, UV maps, vertex colors and normals work perfectly the first time. Say goodbye to wasting time tweaking models after importing!

Brigge for Materials

Share surface materials between Blender and UE4. Use your Cycles/Eevee materials directly in Unreal, with a fully editable procedural node network on both ends.


Brigge for Materials pixel art logo