Our mission:

To help small teams accomplish big things with limited resources

We enable artists to work the way they want

Maybe you’re building your dream game. Or, perhaps you’re working on an interactive educational program. Either way, deadlines loom and you don’t have time (or energy!) to make Blender and Unreal get along.

Tiny errors and updates shouldn’t cost your precious hours. Or your sanity. That’s why we’re here.

Our affordable, professional-grade Brigge products smooth out the bumps and fill in the gaps between Blender and Unreal Engine.

Our Team

Mike Erwin

Tool Smith

A photograph of Mike Erwin

If you’ve been involved in the Blender community, you’ve probably seen Mike pop up a few times. Since 2010, he’s added support for input devices, made sure Blender works on your operating system and GPU, and helped build the foundations of Blender 2.8.

As an engine and tools programmer at Epic Games, he introduced glTF as an open alternative to FBX. He started Gawain Industries in January 2019 with the goal of helping to bridge the gaps between Unreal and Blender.

Pepper Rueda

Chief of Miscellany

A photograph of Pepper Rueda

Co-founder and self-dubbed Chief of Miscellany, Pepper has joined Mike to do exactly what that title implies: Get all the other work done it takes to start and grow a business. Project planning, marketing, research, web development, support, finances. You name it, she’s probably doing it.

Pepper has been involved in numerous roles, both paid and volunteer, where she’s worn quite a few hats at once. Sometimes as the lead, sometimes not. But she always gets the job done.

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