Import your mesh models from Blender to Unreal Engine in seconds. They’ll always look exactly the way you designed them without the extra work.

Brigge for Meshes is the best way to transfer your 3D models

Brigge supports triangles, quads, & and n-gons, so you can model however you want!

Surfaces render in UE4 exactly the way you see them in Blender, so there are no surprises in shape, silhouette, deformation, or shading. All while retaining your original topology.

Work with rich mesh data

Go deeper than the geometry at the surface. Brigge carries material UVs, lightmap UVs, vertex colors, and edge sharpness.

Perfect your normals

Use flat shading, smooth shading, auto-smooth based on angle, sharp edges, and custom authored normals in Blender. When transferring your model to UE4, light still catches it exactly the way you intended.

Handles coordinate system & scale differences

When up is up, and front points forward, who cares which axis +Z is? Model in any real-world scale and let Brigge handle the differences between Blender and Unreal.

Designed to Complement Your Material Workflow

Brigge for Meshes tracks which materials are applied to each surface, and keeps material slots in sync. It stays out of your way and never makes you deal with materials when you're focused on shapes and forms.

Your workflow, faster

Image Attribution: Bridge