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We’ve built a better way to bring 3D art from Blender to Unreal Engine

Our products are

End-to-end solutions

Designed for Blender artists making games in UE4, kept up to date with the latest features of both packages.

Designed for iteration

Review your art in-game earlier and quickly make revisions. Great for greyboxing or last-minute polishing.

Designed to fit your workflow

Complement the tools you’re already using, so you can keep working the way you want.

Designed for high fidelity

Your assets always stay intact as you move between Blender and UE4.

Brigge for Meshes

Model however you want, Brigge can get it into the game. Scale, orientation, UV maps, vertex colors, and normals work perfectly the first time. No more having to tweak models or fight with errors after you import into Unreal Engine!

Handles coordinate system and scale differences

Models come in at the proper size, placed at the correct location and orientation without figuring out which import/export settings are “right.”

Supports triangles, quads, and n-gons. Retains your original topology.

Surfaces render in UE4 exactly the way you see them in Blender, so there are no surprises in shape, silhouette, deformation, or shading.

Transfers surface normals perfectly (flat shaded, smooth, custom, etc.)

Light catches your models in UE4 exactly the way you intended.

Transfers painted vertex colors

Drive material effects that vary across your model.

Tracks which materials are applied to each surface and keeps material slots in sync

Fits into any material workflow such as Substance, Quixel, UE4, and our upcoming Brigge for Materials. Lets you deal with materials when you’re ready.

Keeps asset names consistent across your whole project

Unreal Actors take their names directly from the original Blender source art. You’ll know exactly where to find “Enchanted Coin Pile” when it needs polish!

Maintains parent-child relationships

Reposition objects in UE4 after import, with the object hierarchy still in place.

Fast import / export for rapid iteration times

Get your work into the game early. Quickly re-import just the latest changes as you refine.

Optimized export for more efficient final assets

When a piece is done, Brigge squeezes the most out of it. Experience faster rendering at runtime and use less disk space on your local machine, in a shared drive, and in version control.

Catches file names that trip up version control or other OSes, asset name restrictions in Unreal, unused materials, and other problems.

Brigge detects problems before they become your problem, so you can fix them before sharing with your client or team.

Import custom LODs

Author LODs using Blender’s mesh modeling tools and make sure distant game objects render faster AND look their best.

Coming soon!

Imports custom collision meshes

Build a physics mesh alongside the original mesh, using the same Blender modeling toolset. Decide which areas need more interactivity and which can avoid wasteful calculations.

Coming soon!

Imports custom lightmap UVs

Use Blender’s excellent UV mapping toolset to prep your scenes for UE4’s real-time lighting and shadows.

Coming soon!

Round trip between Unreal Engine and Blender

Bring Unreal assets into Blender. Use them for spatial reference, or edit directly and bring them back into Unreal.

Your download includes:

The latest version of Brigge for Meshes

One year of Brigge Maintenance

Download Brigge for Meshes

Brigge for Materials


Share surface materials between Blender and UE4. Use your Cycles/Evee materials directly in Unreal, with a fully editable procedural node network on both ends.

Licensing and Maintenance

Artist-centric licensing

We license all of our products to individual artists. You’re more than just a “seat” to us. Meaning you’ll never lose access to Brigge just because you switch jobs or a project wraps up. Wherever your career path takes you, Brigge comes along for the ride!

Commercial or personal use, it doesn’t matter!

We don’t distinguish between commercial or personal use. Whether you’re a student, a hobbyist or a seasoned professional, we’re determined to keep the price of our products within reach.

Every copy of Brigge comes with one full year of Brigge Maintenance, giving you 365 days of feature updates, fixes, and technical support.

Buy a license once—and that’s it

Even if you decide not to renew Brigge Maintenance after the first year, you still keep full, perpetual access to the version you have. Maintenance is here to support you as an artist, not hold your workflow hostage.

Renew anytime

When your new project needs the latest Unreal Engine or a feature we just added, but you opted out of maintenance, no problem! You can renew Brigge Maintenance on an as-needed basis without penalty.

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